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Cabrera & Associates provides top expert-level legal services because we believe in fairness and dignity. We want what is best for you and will provide you with what you need to succeed. 

Deep Knowledge of Immigration Law

Our 20+ years of experience in all avenues of immigration law allow us to confidently take on cases and represent people who need us.

Passion and Dedication To Our Clients

We have and always will put in the maximum time and effort into educating ourselves and helping or clients because we are passionate and dedicated. This is our calling and we believe in it wholeheartedly.

Responsive, Honest, and Direct

We take pride in our honesty. We want to be straightforward with you so you know exactly what you are up against. Being responsive to you so you can have all your questions and concerns answered is part of what we do.

Providing Representation For All

We have work with countless clients and have the experience necessary to give legal services to individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and investors. We want to make sure everyone gets the help they need.

Dedicated & Caring Immigration Lawyer Serving Apopka

Cabrera & Associates Immigration Laywers

Are you searching for Immigration Lawyer Serving Apopka? Cabrera & Associates, P.A. is here to provide you with legal guidance in immigration law, criminal defense, and personal injury.

We work with clients at all levels from individuals to businesses both small and large. Our years of experience and success will provide you with legal services of the highest quality. Due to this, we have had thousands of happy clients in state and federal court cases, as well as in immigration matters. We take great pride in our work serving Apopka as Immigration Lawyers and are honored to help people with our expertise. 

We have served the Greater Apopka, FL area since the year 2000.


At Cabrera & Associates, we are immigration lawyers serving Apopka who are here to guide you through every step of immigration law matters. We are here to do everything in our power to get your immigration legal matters sorted for you, your family, or your business. We always take a hands-on approach, keeping you updated every step of the way. We believe in being there for you to provide you with our expertise to give you everything you need to handle your needs. 

Proper legal representation is what you deserve and that is only achieved through immigration lawyers serving Apopka who have a deep understanding of immigration law. Our deep passion for helping foreign nationals overcome the legal obstacles they face is what drives us to provide you with the best legal advice. We cater everything to your situation and your needs. When it comes to serving as Apopka immigration lawyers, we will provide you with accurate and helpful legal advice.

Helping Those In Apopka As Immigrations Lawyers With Strong Expertise

Whether you are looking to secure permanent employment in the United States, defend against deportation, or reunite your family Cabrera & Associates will fight for you case. We know what is at stake and are dedicated immigration lawyers serving Apopka that fight for fairness and equality.  

Cabrera & Associates lets its track record speak for itself. We have produced favorable outcomes for countless clients and can do the same for you. Trust us as your go-to immigration lawyers serving Apopka. Read our client testimonials to see how we operate and how happy people are with our legal expertise.  

Client Testimonials

We are wouldn’t be here without our amazing clients. We always use your knowledge and expertise to do our best to bring about the best results for our clients.